Goose Creek Stone Bridge

Crenshaw Road BridgeA few days ago Jordan, Annie and I explored a new section of Goose Creek.  Goose Creek is the closest kayakable water to our house and arguably the most picturesque as well.  Unfortunately I’ve always considered it too shallow to boat in so we didn’t really start discovering its treasures until recently.  Water levels are pretty low now because it’s the end of a hot, dry Virginia summer, but we can still get around fairly well and have recently explored several different sections of it. 

Goose Creek Stone BridgeOn this particular outing we all piled into our kayak at Crenshaw Road bridge.  Most of the creek was navigable, but we did have to carry over at least four shallow spots along the way.  About a mile from our put-in point we got caught in an unexpected downpour, so we called Claudia who picked us up at what would have been our half-way point, the civil-war era Goose Creek Stone Bridge.  Overall a nice outing, and I’m looking forward to going farther next time with slightly higher water levels.  Thankfully, the last few days have given us a steady rain which is raising all our creek levels.  I hope to get out on this long weekend and take some nice fall foliage photos on the water.

The Goose Creek Leesburg USGS gauge was reading 1.45′.


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