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Shenandoah shows its colors

October 22, 2006

Fall on the ShenandoahYesterday I got out for a quick afternoon paddle on the Shenandoah to soak in the fall colors. As is usual in Virginia, fall and winter are generally wet seasons so the river was higher and faster than I’m used to, and though I tried valiently I couldn’t manage to paddle past the first low rapids by the Route 7 bridge. I got a good workout in the process without making any headway, and finally gave up and let myself be carried north by the current back under the bridge to the deeper and slower downstream sections.

The rapids I couldn't get past

Fall river colorsThe trees are not the only elements to display beautiful fall folliage. I was surprised to note that the underwater world changes just as much as the forests do. The river was full of floating and submerged leaves and just looking down into the water was mesmerizing as I watched the reds and golds floating past over the rocky river bed.

Underwater view